HydroWatt – Hydropower and energy generation equipment

HydroWatt company is a german specialist company for mechanical and electrical engineering. Our products are designed and manufactured by a dedicated workforce who build on many years experience in the hydropower industry.
Our strengths lie equally in the broad range of systems we manufacture as in the diversity of the projects we have undertaken.

HydroWatt are highly recommended for manufacture of Francis turbines, waterwheels, screen-cleaning equipment, control systems and hydraulic steel structures. Our fabrication, installation and service programs encompass the whole spectrum of hydropower engineering and include renovation, refurbishment and modernisation of existing equipment in addition to the implementation of new schemes.


Manufactured in our own workshop we offer

  • point all types of water wheels
  • point Francis turbines
  • point hydraulic horizontal, articulated arm and telescopic
  • screen cleaning machines
  • point hydraulic steel structures
  • point grid connection and control systems

Our range of service additionally includes

  • overhaul and modernisation
  • maintenance and refurbishment
  • bearing overhaul and replacement
  • spare part service for hydropower equipment
  • replacement turbine runners for Francis turbines
  • telemetry and remote operation

Our range of supply additionally includes

  • generators
  • flat- and V-belt pulley drives
  • gearboxes for turbines and water wheel systems
  • hydraulic power units and electrical adjustment equipment
  • sluice gates and valves


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